Podio Forms – a Google Analytics and Affiliate Marketing Conversion Tracking Solution

I am a big advocate of Podio to help small to medium businesses run their companies. Podio provides an excellent, highly customizable CRM at low cost – both in license and in setup. We have used it for a range of purposes including leads tracking, operations management, project management and of course task management. In the case of one rapidly growing client, I wanted to maintain one of the very best features of podio – the ability to use podio form in our own website to allow new leads to go directly into our sales pipeline – while also implementing two new features. BIG problems lie ahead…

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Video in online advertising; is NOW, finally, the right time?

Now is an awesome time to integrate video into your marketing efforts, even if your budget and ability is less than optimal. Using video in online advertising provides some fantastic benefits.

By doing adwords and video together, you can achieve cut-through AND make the kind of impression that not only drives marketers ‘ROI’ but leads to actual $ on investment.

We see more and more that online marketing is about adding true value, less tricks.

Video provides real content, real thoughts and at the same time is the kind of content Google values. So how do we create such content?

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