My mission is to seek challenges and search for solutions!

I get a thrill from providing great ideas, original concepts and learning a bit in return.

I have a desire to work with teams that want to win and are willing to be open-minded in the process of doing so. We will feel the highs of success and the lows of defeat in equal measure, and will look forward to seeing our friends and family regardless. I believe companies are communities and should look to their team to provide joy, trust and excitement, as well as results. I enjoy every opportunity to make a solution out of a new technology or idea – I love the process of combining imagination and process to make something special.

Recent Successes

I moved to the United States in 2008. My American Wife and I decided the time was right to move our young child from the city life of inner-city, apartment living. We loved living in Sydney and on the Harbour, but a quarter acre block beckoned.

I was provided the opportunity to take our successful Australian business and open for business in the united States. The Onetest business was built on an Australian culture heavy on the use of Psychometric testing in recruitment, something that for various reasons had not been common in the United States. We saw great opportunity to combine our recruitment software platform with our recruitment testing and cut deeply into the US market. while the business plan and product was strong, the timing was poor.

The Global economy was soon taking a battering and our business, predicated primarily on recruitment, no longer provided the environment for growth we had predicted a year earlier. The decision was soon made to exit the project.

Soon after, I was fortunate to have the opportunity to join Richard Hughes at Clear pH. Richard’s talent for design and for sales needed some support, direction and strategy, along with assistance in project and account management. Some three years later, the business was very successful, growing rapidly and has since evolved into two separately successful businesses. I am fortunate to have had this experience and still offer my support where possible.

I have since spent a couple of years consulting before being offered the chance to help grow an already successful business by implementing a new range of sales and marketing processes to help drive further growth. As luck would have it, I am also able to satisfy my creative desires through my Design team, who make JANUS and our impressive clients (including hotels, Military bases, universities and medical facilities look even better.

My ability to perform a wide range of tasks makes me more dynamic as a producer, more effective as a project manager and more understanding as a team leader.
Early Career

Onetest: I spent four great years at Onetest, a leading provided of Human Resources Software and recruitment tools. During my time at Onetest, I was lucky to again have my insatiable appetite for having my hand in as much as possible satisfied. I primarily served as the Client Relationship conduit between larger clients and the firm. My responsibilities included selling and servicing large government contracts and large corporate accounts. I additionally implemented a range of process improvements including custom designed account management modules for Salesforce CRM, and further had a role in marketing the firm where required, including campaign planning, public speaking and creative design. I have often wondered if my desire to have a wide range of skills is something I will regret, but so far I have really enjoyed the challenges I have taken on. My ability to perform a wide range of tasks makes me more dynamic as a producer, more effective as a project manager and more understanding as a team leader.

Exelerate: I had committed to further studies upon the completing of my first degree and subsequently completed a graduate programing diploma, in 2001. While studying, I had been recruited by an online trade finance firm, Exelerate, to assist with their corporate online finance platform. My initial duties involved managing a pre-built e-commerce platform and performing small admin duties, but soon I was re-building the platform and adapting it to client needs. In tandem with this role, I was managing client accounts, with facility utilization of up to 15 million dollars per month. I finalized the web platform to the level that our platform was approved for integration with one of the worlds biggest retail banks, the National Australia Bank.

I spend my time with my family, friends and mortgage, as well as a considerable amount of time chasing a small white ball.

Before That

I spent many enjoyable years as a golf professional in my home town of Canberra, Australia. Upon leaving school I chased the dream and was lucky enough to work with many great people at a range of golf clubs including Royal Canberra Golf Club. It was in this unique environment that I was able to meet Prime Ministers, Ambassadors, Presidents, Generals, captains of industry and politicians, and learn the value of being able to manage relationships with High-profile, senior people in the community. The experience and confidence I gained from my time in the golf industry set the foundation for my sales communications skills, my understanding of managing time, my commitment to learning and the drive required to succeed.


I am blessed with a wonderful wife and amazing son. I spend my time with my family, friends and mortgage, as well as a considerable amount of time chasing a small white ball. I also enjoy time keeping my garden at bay and when possible, quenching my endless need for traveling the world and learning.


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