A Project All Grown Up

It has been about 6 months since Clear pH finished an E-commerce site for Lafayette and Rushford. Often times, we finish a project, especially a web project, and don’t get to see how it will really look for a while, simply because it takes time for clients to get real products out there, in business and get the site to ‘settle’.

Today I saw the project from a couple of different angles. Firstly, the site is carrying plenty of stock and has held up well. It looks real to me finally, thought that might just be from my perspective, as the project manager that put it together. Secondly, the digital marketing is moving along, looks great.

The lesson is two fold. As a retail operator, you can expect any number of issues to catch you out, and among them is the need to be detailed in photography and have a good understanding of how your process will work BEFORE proceeding down the online rout. Are the logistics in place? Warehousing? Drop ship or carry an inventory? Are manufacturer images good enough for the level of site i wish to build?

The second lesson is that you can expect the site to grow, evolve, take on a personality that just might be surprising!


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