Video in online advertising; is NOW, finally, the right time?

Now is an awesome time to integrate video into your marketing efforts, even if your budget and ability is less than optimal. Using video in online advertising provides some fantastic benefits.

By doing adwords and video together, you can achieve cut-through AND make the kind of impression that not only drives marketers ‘ROI’ but leads to actual $ on investment.

We see more and more that online marketing is about adding true value, less tricks.

Video provides real content, real thoughts and at the same time is the kind of content Google values. So how do we create such content?

The most important thing is to realize that we live in a digital age and that video can and to a large extent has already replaced manuals, print and text as forms of sharing information. Every company should be considering all communications and deciding what could be done better using video. Here are some ideas:

1. Replace training manuals with video. It is relatively easy to explain your business and how to perform certain tasks using video. You can have a spokesperson describe your functions, or use screen capture to show how to complete an order online.

2. Shoot simple videos to explain your products. Rather than showing images of your products, why not shoot some simple video of your product in action?

3. Use video to introduce your company. On your website home page, have your President introduce your company to prospective customers rather than (or in tandem with) the usual 3 paragraphs of text.

4. At your next event or conference, have someone video the whole thing. Much like a wedding video, you will get some great testimonials and pearls of wisdom from your customers and prospects.

5. Shoot a day in the office. It may seem boring to you, but with the right editing, you can show your company and your great people in action. Customers love to see behind the brand and into what makes you tick.

6. For online advertising, make clear, simple videos that get your message across simply. Clarity of message is more important than mega production values.

Companies that regularly create video improve their brand, build good will and can take advantage of video as an excellent viral marketing source.

Additionally, as this article points out, it will help you drive your online advertising to a new level, with great rewards.



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