Do you use apostrophes properly?

A challenge with any business is quality control. Most times the focus is on production, customer service, freshness or presentation.

Often times though, the greatest challenge is making sure that company communications are at the same quality level as the product. When it comes to websites, collateral and client direct marketing emails, the best strategy is to ensure your company uses a professional copywriter, or has a select set of in-house resources you can trust. While it is fantastic to have staff throughout the company interacting with the brand and your customers, it is critical that those communications meet the expectations of your clients and therefore don’t give the impression your company is lazy, just because of a few grammatical errors and spelling mistakes.

Here at Republik, we provide a range of services to our clients that assist with reducing these challenges. Many of our customers use our services to write website and other sales-related content. We can alternatively provide multiple levels of access to the website administration system, so that any number of staff have the opportunity to produce content, but that content can be proofed and corrected as necessary prior to publishing.

If you would like to see some classic errors and other notes on grammar and spelling, we suggest you read this article from the Canberra times:

Do you use apostrophes properly?

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