Web Management 101 – Photography

A marketing website requires a great deal of thought across a range of areas. I have generally found that while clients are generally prepared when it comes to content (at least conceptually), one area that requires more diligence in a marketing site is photography.

There is no amount of copy, graphs, diagrams and logos that will make a site look compelling, and stock photography looks, well, stock. In order to have a site jump out and really compel site visitors to buy into your story, here are a few suggestions;

  1. Share your culture – have a portion of photography time committed to taking photos of your team at work. Show your guys doing what they do best.
  2. Get head shots – Set up a room for head shots, and have everyone in the company attend, no exceptions. These photos will be useful in a range of ways, from email signatures to web biographies.
  3. Get elements – have a photographer get tight shots of your most unique office features. this might be the texture of the walls, a painting or sculpture, an interesting desk, the name plates on the doors – it could be anything. These unique elements help web designers make your site unique.
  4. Find a good photographer and stick to a regular commitment – a photo shoot can initially seem a little expensive, but the right photographer at the right price is a great resource. Have them come in intermittently and take new photography. There are always new things that will help your company, whether it be a shot of the new CEO at his desk, a recently refurbished office room, new staff head shots, a shot of the building at dusk. By building and maintaining a quality image library for your company, you can keep your website fresh, your sales collateral evolving and show your business at its best.

Like most communications these days, it is easy for visitors and customers to tell the difference between dated, tired and overused communications tools of a flagging business and a vibrant, ever-changing company that is clearly on the way up.

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