Case Studies

Video in online advertising; is NOW, finally, the right time?

Now is an awesome time to integrate video into your marketing efforts, even if your budget and ability is less than optimal. Using video in online advertising provides some fantastic benefits.

By doing adwords and video together, you can achieve cut-through AND make the kind of impression that not only drives marketers ‘ROI’ but leads to actual $ on investment.

We see more and more that online marketing is about adding true value, less tricks.

Video provides real content, real thoughts and at the same time is the kind of content Google values. So how do we create such content?

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The Game of Brand Positioning and Understanding your Customer

We tend to think of advertising as brand – which of course, it can be. Coke advertising is brand positioning for instance, but much advertising is more about telling a customer about what you do or who you are. The challenge with brand positioning is to not only make your customer look good – though that is often a core requirement, but to reach a certain demographic and tell them that your product is perfect for them, achieves what they need it to achieve, and gives them the emotional response they want. Read More…

A Project All Grown Up

It has been about 6 months since Clear pH finished an E-commerce site for Lafayette and Rushford. Often times, we finish a project, especially a web project, and don’t get to see how it will really look for a while, simply because it takes time for clients to get real products out there, in business and get the site to ‘settle’. Read More…

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